Case Studies

How 50Hertz Sichuan Pepper Boosted Wholesale Revenue by Streamlining Vendor Invoicing

With the help of Streamlined to automatically generate vendor invoices, 50Hertz was able to streamline its tagging system and save valuable time.

How Burlap & Barrel Fully Automated Their Invoicing Across 3 Revenue Channels in 30 Days

By switching to Streamlined, the team recouped valuable time previously spent managing its accounts receivable workflow, allowing the team to focus on doing what they do best: growing their business. 

How Smithey Ironware Streamlined B2B invoicing and unlocked a wholesale growth engine

Smithey team was spending too much of their time chasing down small invoices. Add to that the time and hassle of applying incoming payments to the right invoices, the cost of eating processing fees on credit card payments, and the difficulty in getting a clear view of overall accounts receivable performance