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The fastest, most accurate way to apply and reconcile B2B payments

Streamlined's smart, seamless AR processing automatically matches and applies business payments for 90% straight-through processing — even when your customers combine invoices or pay offline.

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How businesses run AR at scale

No more manual reconciliation. No more missing or misattributed payments. Just a sleek, simple B2B invoicing and AR workflow that can run itself.

Faster, smarter payment matching, powered by AI

Advanced computing and AI mean Streamlined can effortlessly pull data from different sources, to match payments with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Accelerate your cash flow

With Streamlined, every payment is matched, applied and reconciled in real-time. That means faster processing times, reduced delays, and an accelerated cash flow that keeps your business moving forward.

Unrivaled accuracy and increased security

Errors in your financial records and accounts can take down your operations. Streamlined's error-free payment matching helps you uphold the compliance and security standards that keep your financial operations safe and secure.

Streamlined gets you paid 3X faster — without having to worry about reconciliation.

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Burlap & Barrel uses Streamlined to save 40 hours every month

“The goal for any AR system in my mind is for it to be largely invisible. It just works. It just flows. Streamlined does that, and that makes me really happy. We've been saving time and getting our invoices paid faster since we switched over."

Ori Z. / Founder and Co-CEO, Burlap & Barrel
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See how Burlap & Barrel uses Streamlined


Have questions? We have answers.

What is Streamlined's Auto-Reconciliation feature?

Streamlined's Auto-Reconciliation is an advanced feature that automates the process of matching incoming payments with corresponding invoices, ensuring accurate and efficient cash management.

How does Auto-Reconciliation work?

The feature uses advanced algorithms and AI to identify and reconcile payments received from clients with the invoices in your system, minimizing manual effort and reducing the risk of errors.

Will I still have control over the reconciliation process?

Absolutely. Auto-Reconciliation allows you to override its suggestions when necessary. The system learns from these adjustments to continuously enhance its accuracy.

How does reconciliation work for complex matches?

Streamlined's auto-reconciliation feature is built on sophisticated algorithms that are designed to handle complex scenarios like applying one payment to multiple invoices, partial payments, overpayments, and even distributing payments across multiple customers within the same parent corporation.

What kind of time and cost savings can I expect from this feature?

On average, a customer sending around 100 invoices monthly could save over 60 hours every month on cash application using Auto-Reconciliation. That's equivalent to a cost-saving of more than $2,000 per month.

Does Auto-Reconciliation accommodate scenarios with corporate structures?

Certainly. Auto-Reconciliation is built to handle corporate hierarchies, effectively distributing payments among different customers within the same parent corporation.

Can Auto-Reconciliation manage partial payments and overpayments?

Yes, Auto-Reconciliation adeptly handles these situations, ensuring accurate balance adjustments across multiple invoices.

How does Auto-Reconciliation evolve over time?

Auto-Reconciliation is designed to learn from any adjustments, payment patterns and constantly improving its accuracy as it adapts to your specific business needs.

Does Streamlined sync data with ERP systems like NetSuite and QuickBooks?

Absolutely. Streamlined seamlessly integrates with ERP systems such as NetSuite and QuickBooks, syncing reconciled payment data back into your preferred platform for comprehensive financial management.

What if there are exceptions or unmatched cases in the reconciliation process?

The system is equipped to handle exceptions gracefully. Any unmatched cases or discrepancies are highlighted for review, allowing you to manually intervene and maintain accurate reconciliation.

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Smarter cash application is just the start

With Streamlined, we've redesigned every step of B2B invoicing and AR to work better for modern businesses.

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