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How we helped the country’s fastest-selling blender smooth the way to mid-market sales

The company: BlendJet
Industry: Consumer Goods
Founders: Ryan Pamplin and John Zheng
Founded: 2017
Website: blendjet.com

Meet BlendJet, the company behind the line of colorful, carry-anywhere blenders. BlendJet is growing fast, fueled by the desire to help people live healthier lives — and a LOT of green smoothies.

The challenge:

Tapping into "in-between" retailers — without stretching themselves too thin.

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A lot has changed since BlendJet’s early days, shipping their first orders from a tiny office space. They’ve now outgrown countless warehouses — and their ultra-portable blenders are flying off the shelves of big-name retailers including Target and Best Buy.

But all that growth comes with its own set of problems. When we met BlendJet, they had a booming DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) business and were already doing big business with the big-box stores.

The problem? Everything in between.

BlendJet had done all the work to get into those bigger retailers, and that was great. But when smaller companies came their way, managing their orders was so much work that they weren’t necessarily worth the effort.

Yes, those mid-market sales represented a hefty potential revenue source. But managing them was costing too much time and money. Their processes were disjointed: Sales would make a sale — and then would have to hand everything off to the accounting team for invoicing and accounts receivable. Inevitably some vital piece of information was missing and would need to be tracked down.

Invoices were falling through the cracks. And the customer experience was all over the place — one person managing the order, another sending the invoice (or not...), and on and on. It was a time-consuming, expensive, error-prone mess.

The solution:

Smart invoicing that’s just the right fit, no matter the size.

BlendJet needed something that would make those smaller sales manageable — so that they were actually worth the effort going into them.

They needed to know that every order and payment was going through as it should: no forgotten invoices, no lost checks. They wanted something simple, and they wanted an end to the constant ping-pong between sales and accounting.

That’s where Streamlined came in.

We worked with BlendJet’s Wholesale Manager, Maeghan Powers — the one responsible for looking after all those small-to-medium-sized retailers — to get set up.

She loved how fast and easy it was to get set up — and that Streamlined makes it possible for sales to look after invoicing and AR completely on their own. "Everything stays with me and the customer, and I love it," says Maeghan. "Streamlined gives me the ability to take charge of everything myself. And I love that I keep that one-on-one relationship with our customers."

The outcome:

A simple, profitable way to manage orders of any size — and more repeat customers to show for it.

With Streamlined, BlendJet is set up to manage orders big and small. And because every step of invoicing and AR is handled by Streamlined, every sale is more profitable than before.

Now that they can easily handle smaller orders, the company has been able to expand their business sales: selling branded products companies can use as swag. The orders might be small, but given BlendJet’s volume, they add up.

Maeghan loves how Streamlined lets the sales team manage the complete customer experience from start to finish. Before Streamlined, she was losing track of her customers as soon as she handed them off to accounting.

Now Maeghan can create an order in Shopify, and the invoice will pop up in Streamlined automatically. She can make any changes her customers need — like removing the tax or updating the billing address. And then she can sit back and watch as the invoices get paid.

The process is so smooth that Maeghan thinks it’s even helped BlendJet land more repeat customers. "I now have a lot more repeat customers. Streamlined smooths the process for customers to pay and get their orders shipped as quickly as possible. It makes paying easier, and more retailers want to buy from us," she says.

A self-described numbers nerd, Maeghan uses Streamlined as her daily sales check-in: seeing what she’s sold, what’s been paid for, and what’s still waiting.

And because Streamlined syncs with BlendJet’s accounting software, Maeghan doesn’t need to worry about reporting. The accounting team still gets everything they need to do their thing — without any extra work on her side.

BlendJet is all set to manage orders of any size — with a customer-friendly process that keeps them coming back. They’ve been able to tap into new revenue streams, build stronger customer relationships, and grow their sales. All while keeping things, well... streamlined.

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Since starting with Streamlined, invoicing is a lot smoother. I don’t have to message accounting for anything anymore, and I’ve got more repeat customers than we used to have. We’ve made a lot more money.

Maeghan Powers
Wholesale Manager

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