B2B invoicing and AR that syncs seamlessly with Shopify

Streamlined connects with your Shopify store — so you get smart, automated invoicing and AR that plugs right into your existing workflow.

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Set your B2B invoices up to send themselves

Streamlined can pull your B2B customer and sales data right from Shopify, so it can automatically generate and send invoices as new orders come in.

Give your B2B customers more ways to pay

Streamlined makes it easy for your customers to pay the way they want: by card, check, ACH or wire. Every payment is then processed and reconciled automatically, whether they pay online or off.

Get clarity across your cashflow

Streamlined brings together all of your B2B orders, invoices, payments, and receivables in a powerful, intuitive dashboard. You can see exactly what's happening anytime you want — without having to wait for a report from accounting.

A real-time, seamless sync

A real-time, two-way integration keeps information flowing seamlessly between Streamlined and NetSuite. Invoices, payments, receivables, customers — we'll keep them all synced and up to date.

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See why businesses love Streamlined

“Streamlined has taken away the mental overhead that comes with getting paid. We're working with Mother Nature, and a physical good, and there's just no shortage of stuff that we have to deal with. But Streamlined makes it so that getting paid is one less thing on that list. They’re the best partner for B2B invoicing.”
Omar Koukaz, co-founder Jumbo Time Wines
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Have questions? We have answers.

What is Streamlined Invoicing?

Streamlined Invoicing is a cutting-edge solution designed to simplify and optimize the invoicing process for businesses. It offers a user-friendly platform that streamlines B2B invoicing, allowing you to create, send, and manage invoices effortlessly. With automated features, customizable templates, and diverse payment options, Streamlined Invoicing helps you enhance efficiency, reduce manual work, and ensure a seamless invoicing experience for both you and your customers.

How is Streamlined different from other invoicing solutions?

Streamlined stands out from other invoicing solutions due to its comprehensive approach to B2B invoicing and accounts receivable management. Unlike traditional invoicing tools, Streamlined offers automated features like intelligent payment matching, seamless ERP integration, and effortless reconciliation. The platform is tailored to address the specific needs of businesses, providing a user-friendly interface while ensuring accuracy, security, and efficiency throughout the invoicing process.

Who can use Streamlined?

Streamlined is designed to cater to a wide range of businesses, from small startups to fast-growing scale ups. Whether you're an e-commerce store owner, a B2B SaaS provider, or any business dealing with invoicing, Streamlined offers practical and effective solutions to streamline your financial operations.

Does Streamlined work with Shopify and QuickBooks?

Yes, Streamlined seamlessly integrates with both Shopify and QuickBooks, allowing you to synchronize your B2B orders, customer data, and payments between the two platforms. This integration streamlines your invoicing and accounting processes, ensuring accurate and efficient financial management.

What payment options do my buyers get?

Your B2B buyers can enjoy a range of convenient payment options with Streamlined. From credit card payments, ACH transfers, paper checks to wire transfers and more, we provide a seamless and flexible payment experience to cater to diverse preferences.

How can I customize my invoices?

Personalizing your invoices is effortless with Streamlined. You can easily incorporate your brand colors and logo for a professional touch. Moreover, you have the option to include additional details such as PO Number, SKU, UPC, shipping, tracking, and other specifications to align with buyer requirements and general invoicing standards. Create tailored invoices that perfectly reflect your brand and meet all your business needs!

Can I link multiple Shopify stores with Streamlined?

Absolutely! If you're on the Enterprise plan, you have the ability to seamlessly link multiple Shopify stores with Streamlined. This integration empowers you to efficiently manage invoicing and payments across different stores, enhancing your overall business operations.

Does Streamlined work with Shopify B2B?

Yes, Streamlined is fully compatible with Shopify B2B. Our platform seamlessly integrates with Shopify, providing a smooth and efficient invoicing experience for your B2B transactions. Whether you're an eCommerce brand or a wholesale business, Streamlined complements Shopify B2B to streamline your invoicing workflow and enhance your overall business operations.

Does Streamlined sync with accounting software?

Absolutely! Streamlined offers seamless integration with Intuit QuickBooks and Oracle NetSuite, making your invoicing process even more efficient. You can easily sync your data between Streamlined and these accounting platforms, saving you time and eliminating manual data entry. Plus, we are continuously expanding our compatibility, with more accounting software integrations coming soon.

Can I invoice international buyers?

Absolutely! Streamlined enables you to send invoices to customers around the globe and receive payments via International Wire. Stay tuned, as we're also working on adding support for multiple currencies and corresponding local banking options to enhance your invoicing experience further.

Get smart, seamless invoicing that syncs with Shopify