From order to cashflow

  • Smart, automated invoicing and AR
  • Flexible B2B payment options that give your customers more ways to pay
  • Real-time syncing with Shopify, QuickBooks, NetSuite and more
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A checkout built for B2B that supports ACH, Paper Check, Wires and more.

How the world's fastest-growing brands get paid for B2B sales

B2B is complex illustration. Invoices, Reminders, Payments, Reconciliation, there's a lot going on.

When you’re selling B2B, getting paid can get complicated

Chasing after payments. Weekly meetings to sort through reconciliation mistakes. The fact that every customer has a slightly different setup. And let’s not even think about how much it’s costing in hours lost and accounting fees.

Not anymore.

A smarter way to get paid


Hours saved

Save 40+ hours every month on manual invoicing and AR.


Day reduction in DSO

Get paid faster, with a 30-day drop in average DSO.


Reduction in OpEx spend

Reduce your back office overhead by up to 88%.

Streamline Your B2B Sales

Streamlined is the only AI-powered order-to-cash solution that brings all your B2B orders, invoices, payments and accounting together — in one smart, seamless system that makes it easy to get paid.

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A workflow that actually flows

From invoice creation to payment reminders, from reconciliation to reporting — your invoicing and AR flow in the background, so you can focus on other things.

Automated invoices that can send themselves

Streamlined creates invoices for you, right from your orders. Set them to auto-send, or hit send when you’re ready.

A B2B checkout that gives customers more ways to pay

Your customers can pay by ACH, check, wire, credit or debit — or even save a card or ACH on file with QuickPay.

Auto-reconciliation that makes reporting a breeze

Every payment is processed and reconciled for you — even paper checks, thanks to your own digital lockbox.

Auto-reminders that keep payments on track

We'll send your customers a reminder when it's almost time to pay, and follow up on any late payments for you.

Real-time syncing that keeps everything up-to-date

Streamlined integrates with Shopify, QuickBooks, and NetSuite so your books are always accurate and up-to-date.

Same-day payouts that get you paid faster

As soon as a payment is processed, the money will be on its way to your account — no long holds or wait times.

Illustration of money



Illustration of a card payment.Arrow hitting taget illustration.

Intuitive, flexible invoicing and AR

Streamlined gives you all the flexibility you need for B2B, in a simple, intuitive platform. Get set up in minutes —  then it’s easy to customize and easy to use, for you and your customers.

Person sitting in a lounge and catching up on workPerson pointing on a whiteboard
Illustrates how Streamlined automates reminders for invoices.

Automate everything

Streamlined automates all of the things that make B2B invoicing and AR such a hassle — from creating and sending invoices, to sending reminders, chasing late payments, processing and reconciling payments, and tracking credits and debits.

Make it super easy for your customers to buy from you

Invoices that let them pay however they want. Easy onboarding. A monthly statement of account they can check any time. Customers can even save a card on file for super-easy billing.

It all adds up to the best B2B customer experience out there.

Preview of Streamlined's B2B checkout which supports ACH, Paper Check, International Wires, Card payments and more.
Get a real-time glance of your aging balance using Streamlined.

Get a clear view of your business growth

With your Streamlined dashboard, you can keep a pulse on your business — without waiting for a report from your accounting team.

You’ll be able to see who owes what and when, who your top customers are, current payment trends, your aging balance summary, and more — any time you want to.

From operations to accounting, get everyone on the same page

With Streamlined, your whole team can track what’s happening with every order, invoice and payment.

And real-time syncing across Shopify, QuickBooks and NetSuite means everyone can get the information they need, where they need it.

Illustration of how streamlined syncs data from Intuit QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite, Shopify and more.
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See Why Real People Love Streamlined
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The goal for any AR system in my mind is for it to be largely invisible. It just works. It just flows. Streamlined does that, and that makes me really happy.

Ori Zohar
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Burlap & Barrel

Before Streamlined, Burlap & Barrel were spending hours every week sorting through their error-filled invoicing and receivables — or as they called it: “financial forensics.”

Now? They’ve got a seamless system that keeps everything clear, up-to-date and error-free — and saves their team 30-40 hours a month.

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Picture of red spices. Courtesy of Burlap & Barrel.Picture of cinnamon tree leaves. Courtesy of Burlap & Barrel.

Does your invoicing and AR tick all the boxes?

  • Automated invoicing
  • Automated reconciliation
  • Automated dunning
  • Digital lockbox
  • Pass card convenience fees on
  • Include shipping info, UPC, SKUs
  • Advanced reporting
  • Auto-billing with QuickPay
  • Easy customer onboarding
  • Customizable payment terms
  • Customer groups
  • Credit and debit tracking
  • Statement of account
  • Same-day payouts

Time is money. Save both.

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