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Jumbo Time Wines

How we helped a natural wine brand go from newbie startup to fully scalable operation

The company: Jumbo Time Wines
Industry: Food and Beverage
Founders: Jonathan Yadegar and Omar Koukaz
Founded: 2020
Website: jumbotimewines.com

Meet Jumbo Time Wines, an L.A.-based natural wine brand founded by food-and-drink-obsessed friends Omar and Jonathan in 2020. From the cheeky names — fancy a glass of Loop Juice, anyone? — to the hand-drawn labels, Jumbo Time Wines is out to de-snobbify wine for a new generation. And to prove that you don’t need a scripted font to make great wine.

The challenge:

Trying to build a scalable system, right from the start

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They might not have been around long, but Jumbo Time Wines are here to play. Since launching in California, they’ve expanded to new markets across the US. And while they do have a DTC side, a lot of the work they do is in wholesale.

As founders of this fast-growing wine startup, Jonathan and Omar wear a lot of hats — including invoicing and accounts receivable. It became clear pretty quickly: if they wanted their business to grow to the heights that they had in mind, they’d need to find a better way to manage wholesale.

They were coming up against all of the little things that make traditional wholesale invoicing so painful: chasing after payments, dealing with bounced checks, and just navigating all of the complexities that come when every customer has a sliiiiiightly different way of handling accounts payable. It was also hard to get a clear view of their numbers, since their wholesale revenue was in QuickBooks, while their DTC revenue was all in Shopify.

There were no jumbo-sized disasters — just a load of inefficiencies taking up valuable time and mental real estate. And that just got truer, the bigger things got.

The solution:

Founder-friendly invoicing that lets Omar and Jonathan focus on other things

A self-described “operational nerd,” Jonathan is always on the lookout for efficiency. Knowing that Jumbo Time Wines are big into wholesale, a friend recommended he try Streamlined.

Jonathan started out skeptical, but a conversation with Streamlined’s founder got him excited to try the platform.

"A lot of times when you’re a new company, there’s so many people trying to sell you all these things, like ‘We’re gonna 10X your revenue’ and all these pie in the sky things. There’s a lot of people that try to win our business that sell junk. But it was an easy fit with Streamlined."

And with that, the Jumbo Time Wines team got into it.

The outcome:

An efficient process, clarity on their finances, and more time for what matters most

Starting out with Streamlined, Jumbo Time Wines wanted help with a few things: simplifying their processes. Getting a clearer view of their sales. Getting paid faster.

And that’s exactly what they got.

"We just wanted help with all of those little things," says Jonathan. "Invoice creation, automated follow-up, being able to invoice from Shopify. It's all these little things, when you have to deal with so many other little things. It just simplifies the process. Each efficiency compounds on itself."

Before Streamlined, all their sales data was siloed in either Shopify or QuickBooks. Since their invoicing is now all set up to flow through Shopify, they’ve got a single point of truth for all of their sales and revenue.

And all of those little things that were taking up so much time and energy? Streamlined looks after them. Which means Omar and Jonathan can focus on other, more important things.

"Streamlined means we can spend less time on this part of our business, so we can go spend it elsewhere," says Omar. "Whether it’s playing with my 2-year-old or cold emailing new accounts. That’s a better use of my time than this thing I’ve already invested in. The opportunity cost of knocking on doors is high, especially for founders like us who are wearing a lot of hats."

On top of making life easier for them as founders, Streamlined has also helped them create an incredible customer experience, which is huge for them.

"Our big thing is wanting to meet our customers where they’re at," says Omar. "We want to be the easiest natural wine business to work with. If that means you wanna text us your orders, or want to email us, or send a carrier pigeon — whatever the method, we want to be able to accept it. Especially when it comes to cash. Streamlined lets us do that."

They’ve now got a system in place that can handle the nuances that come with every new customer, without any extra work. "Streamlined can handle everyone's specific preferences," says Jonathan. "So it's made the account management on the invoicing side a lot easier as things have gotten a lot more challenging."

Jumbo Time Wines are set up to do jumbo time business — and with Streamlined, they’ve got a system that can handle it, sale by sale, invoice by invoice, and bottle by hilariously named bottle.

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Streamlined has taken away the mental overhead that comes with getting paid. We're working with Mother Nature, and a physical good, and there's just no shortage of stuff that we have to deal with. But Streamlined makes it so that getting paid is one less thing on that list. They’re the best partner for B2B invoicing.

Omar Koukaz
Jumbo Time Wines

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