Order-to-cash automation

The fastest way to go from order to cash

Streamlined automates your B2B order-to-cash processes — bringing all your orders, invoices, payments and accounting together in one seamless system.

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Smarter, faster B2B payments

Increase your speed, efficiency and accuracy — and cut hours or even days from your team's invoicing and AR workflow every week.

Invoices that can send themselves

Whenever a new order comes in, Streamlined will automatically create the invoice for you — then you can choose to auto-send or check it and send whenever you’re ready. From there you can see what’s happening with every order, invoice and payment, right from your Streamlined dashboard.

Get paid 3X faster with smart payment reminders

Streamlined keeps your B2B payments on track with auto-reminders and a monthly statement of accounts, so you get paid on time — without having to do a thing. Even better? Your customers can save a card or account on file with QuickPay, so their payment goes through as soon as the invoice is due.

Accurate, AI-powered reconciliation

Streamlined automatically matches and applies every payment as soon as it comes through — even paper checks and bulk payments.

O2C that plugs into your tech stack

Streamlined syncs directly with your ERP, order and accounting software, so your team has access to accurate real-time data whenever (and wherever) they need it.

Streamlined takes you from order to cashflow

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Blendjet uses Streamlined to get paid at scale

"Since starting with Streamlined, invoicing is a lot smoother. I don’t have to message accounting anymore, and I’ve got more repeat customers than we used to have. We’ve made a lot more money.”

Maeghan Powers / Operations, Blendjet
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See how Blendjet uses Streamlined


Have questions? We have answers.

How does Streamlined integrate with my ERP?

Streamlined offers effortless out-of-the-box integrations with leading ERPs such as NetSuite. This ensures direct synchronization of financial data, invoices, and payment details for a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Does Streamlined sync data with ERP systems like NetSuite and QuickBooks?

Absolutely. Streamlined seamlessly integrates with ERP systems such as NetSuite and QuickBooks, syncing reconciled payment data back into your preferred platform for comprehensive financial management.

Are these monthly statements generated and dispatched automatically?

Yes, once you've enabled this feature, statements are auto-generated and sent at the end of each month to your customers with an open balance.

Does Streamlined invoicing support ACH and offline payments?

Absolutely! Streamlined Invoicing supports a variety of offline payment options, including ACH (Automated Clearing House) for secure and direct electronic bank transfers, paper check for traditional offline payments, and wire transfers for quick and efficient transactions. Additionally, Streamlined offers automated reconciliation, simplifying the process of matching payments with invoices, which saves you time and reduces the chances of errors.

How can I split invoices into milestones?

Streamlined empowers you to establish milestones according to events and dates. You can specify the amount due at each milestone. Once a milestone is achieved, Streamlined automatically notifies the buyer about the corresponding payment, making the process seamless and transparent for all parties involved. Stay in control of your invoicing with milestone-based payments!

Does Auto-Reconciliation accommodate scenarios with corporate structures?

Certainly. Auto-Reconciliation is built to handle corporate hierarchies, effectively distributing payments among different customers within the same parent corporation.

How does the Auto-Reminders feature work?

The Auto-Reminders feature monitors your invoicing data and sends out personalized reminders to your clients at predefined intervals, nudging them to take action on their pending invoices.

How does Streamlined support recurring invoicing?

With Streamlined, setting up recurring invoices is a breeze. You have the flexibility to define the frequency, and from there, let Streamlined handle the rest. Sit back and enjoy automated recurring invoicing for hassle-free billing!

How the world's fastest-growing brands get paid for B2B sales

Faster order-to-cash is just the start

With Streamlined, we've redesigned every step of B2B invoicing and AR to work better for modern businesses.

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