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How we helped a TikTok-famous DTC brand take on wholesale

The company: August
Industry: Consumer goods
Founders: Nadya Okamoto and Nick Jain
Founded: 2020
Website: itsaugust.co

Meet August, a period care company that launched DTC in 2020. Their mission? Period care that’s inclusive, sustainable, and takes the stigma out of menstruation.

The challenge:

Expanding from DTC into omnichannel sales —without getting caught up in all the admin that goes with it.

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August TikTok and Instagram profiles

When August came to us, they were already crushing it in DTC. Taking a community-first approach to building their brand and business — they had built a following before even launching a single product — August had already grown to 181,000 followers on Instagram and over 336,000 on TikTok.

Their inclusive, sustainable approach to periods was a hit with their Gen Z audience. But as they grew, they started thinking about how to expand their brand and reach a wider audience.

One of the ways they wanted to do it? Wholesale.

They made it happen the same way they do everything: by working with their community. They started by asking their customers where they wanted to see August. Within a few days, they had over 3000 requests.

They started with the set of business customers that made the most sense for their brand and customer base: a LOT of universities. A select group of retailers whose values aligned with their own. And then WeWork, who came to August when an employee group, the Women of WeWork, successfully rallied to get August’s products into their 289 US locations.

Great, right? But the shift brought its own set of growing pains.

Namely in the form of managing more and more wholesale customers and orders — which at the time was happening in an increasingly complicated spreadsheet. Things were going well, but keeping track of everything was taking ever increasing time and resources.

The solution:

Easy-to-use invoicing and AR that’s built to scale.

August found us through their accounting firm — and immediately thought that Streamlined could fit the exact gap they were looking to fill.

They were quick to sign up and get started. And that’s when the (auto-)magic happened.

The outcome:

an easy way to manage everything — so August can go after the sales, without worrying about how to get paid.

The team at August loved that Streamlined was so easy to use and navigate — while still being able to keep up with all their different customers and their different needs.

To quote Erin Burk, August’s VP of Business Development, "Streamlined just works. The team is amazing, and I appreciate how the platform is dynamic enough to deal with a wide variety of customers."

Some customers have multiple locations that are all paid for by one person — with lots of different shipping addresses. Some only need shipments to one location, paid for by one person. Some need to pay by check, and others want to pay by credit card.

Streamlined is dynamic enough to cover all of it, so that August can focus on finding the right customers — not on how to get paid. And as August continues to grow their community — 
and their sales — Streamlined will be right there beside them, helping them get there.

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Being a startup, our business is always growing. Streamlined has been a great fit for us, not only to meet our basic invoicing needs, but in the way they continuously roll out new features that help us scale ourselves and our business. We love streamlined :)

Erin Burk
VP of Business Development

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