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A smarter way to get paid

From invoice creation to payment reminders, from reconciliation to reporting — your invoicing and AR flow in the background

Embrace automation and eliminate manual work

Streamlined Invoicing takes care of your entire order-to-cash workflow. From generating invoices to sending reminders, tracking transactions to processing payments, and seamless cash application – Streamlined has your back!

Sync-built for accounting

Streamlined offers an accounting sync designed to make your life easier. With seamless 2-way integration, connect with popular accounting solutions like QuickBooks and Oracle NetSuite effortlessly, freeing you from manual data transfers and ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Invoicing Made Simple

Streamlined meets your buyers wherever they are, catering to small businesses, Fortune 500 buyers, and everything in between!

Level up with Streamlined

Say goodbye to point solutions and embrace End-to-End excellence!

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Smithey uses Streamlined to invoice 150+ buyers monthly

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Trevor F. / Director of eCommerce
See how Smithey uses Streamlined
See how Smithey uses Streamlined


Have questions? We have answers.

What is Streamlined Invoicing?

Streamlined Invoicing is a cutting-edge solution designed to simplify and optimize the invoicing process for businesses. It offers a user-friendly platform that streamlines B2B invoicing, allowing you to create, send, and manage invoices effortlessly. With automated features, customizable templates, and diverse payment options, Streamlined Invoicing helps you enhance efficiency, reduce manual work, and ensure a seamless invoicing experience for both you and your customers.

How Is Streamlined B2B invoicing different from non-B2B invoicing?

Streamlined Invoicing is specifically tailored for B2B transactions, offering unique features and capabilities designed to meet the specific needs of businesses engaging in B2B interactions. Unlike non-B2B invoicing solutions, Streamlined ensures seamless integration with accounting systems, supports various payment options, and offers advanced features for efficient management of complex invoicing workflows. Experience the power of Streamlined for smoother and more effective B2B invoicing!

What payment options do my buyers get?

Your B2B buyers can enjoy a range of convenient payment options with Streamlined. From credit card payments, ACH transfers, paper checks to wire transfers and more, we provide a seamless and flexible payment experience to cater to diverse preferences.

How can I customize my invoices?

Personalizing your invoices is effortless with Streamlined. You can easily incorporate your brand colors and logo for a professional touch. Moreover, you have the option to include additional details such as PO Number, SKU, UPC, shipping, tracking, and other specifications to align with buyer requirements and general invoicing standards. Create tailored invoices that perfectly reflect your brand and meet all your business needs!

Can I invoice international buyers?

Absolutely! Streamlined enables you to send invoices to customers around the globe and receive payments via International Wire. Stay tuned, as we're also working on adding support for multiple currencies and corresponding local banking options to enhance your invoicing experience further.

How can I import an invoice via email or PDF?

It's a breeze! To import your invoice via email or PDF, just forward it to Alternatively, you can upload the invoice directly from the app, and Streamlined will take care of the rest. It's as easy as that – no hassle, no complications!

Does Streamlined sync with accounting software?

Absolutely! Streamlined offers seamless integration with Intuit QuickBooks and Oracle NetSuite, making your invoicing process even more efficient. You can easily sync your data between Streamlined and these accounting platforms, saving you time and eliminating manual data entry. Plus, we are continuously expanding our compatibility, with more accounting software integrations coming soon.

Does Streamlined allow you to schedule invoices?

Certainly! With Streamlined, you have the convenience of scheduling invoices at your fingertips. Our user-friendly platform enables you to set up recurring or future-dated invoices with ease. This feature empowers you to plan ahead, ensuring timely and accurate invoicing for your customers.

Does Streamlined work with Shopify B2B?

Yes, Streamlined is fully compatible with Shopify B2B. Our platform seamlessly integrates with Shopify, providing a smooth and efficient invoicing experience for your B2B transactions. Whether you're an eCommerce brand or a wholesale business, Streamlined complements Shopify B2B to streamline your invoicing workflow and enhance your overall business operations.

Does Streamlined invoicing support ACH and offline payments?

Absolutely! Streamlined Invoicing supports a variety of offline payment options, including ACH (Automated Clearing House) for secure and direct electronic bank transfers, paper check for traditional offline payments, and wire transfers for quick and efficient transactions. Additionally, Streamlined offers automated reconciliation, simplifying the process of matching payments with invoices, which saves you time and reduces the chances of errors.

How does Streamlined support recurring invoicing?

With Streamlined, setting up recurring invoices is a breeze. You have the flexibility to define the frequency, and from there, let Streamlined handle the rest. Sit back and enjoy automated recurring invoicing for hassle-free billing!

How can I split invoices into milestones?

Streamlined empowers you to establish milestones according to events and dates. You can specify the amount due at each milestone. Once a milestone is achieved, Streamlined automatically notifies the buyer about the corresponding payment, making the process seamless and transparent for all parties involved. Stay in control of your invoicing with milestone-based payments!

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