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How we helped a craft distillery save over $1000 a month on bookkeeping fees

The company: Absinthia
Industry: Food and Beverage
Founders: Absinthia Vermut
Founded: 2017
Website: absinthia.com

Meet Absinthia, an award-winning craft absinthe distillery based in Oakland, California. They use organic ingredients and vintage recipes to make super-special spirits and syrups for next-level cocktails.

The challenge:

unpivoting their 2020 pivot — and spending too much time and money on wholesale invoicing along the way.

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When the bars closed in 2020, Absinthia’s founder, Absinthia Vermut — like so many — took her company’s sales online.

Fueled by Facebook ads and email marketing, plus a whole new audience of at-home mixologists, the move was a good one.

But by the end of 2021, things were shifting again. Says Absinthia, “In January 2022 I had more wholesale revenue than I’d had in the last two years combined. I’ve been keeping an eye on both — distribution and wholesale, and digital. Wholesale and distribution have just skyrocketed.”

Yes, the boost in sales was wonderful. But it also came with some additional stress, namely in the form of figuring out how to manage all those new orders.

“My ordering and invoicing was actually costing me a lot of money,” says Absinthia. Absinthia would have orders come through by email or text, and then she’d send the details over to her 3PL company and to her bookkeeper, who would come up with an order and invoice and then send it out — charging by the hour, of course.

Not only was it costing her money, Absinthia’s wholesale order set-up was also way too complicated. Figuring out what was happening with her orders meant going back into her emails (and texts!), searching through her messages to try to figure out exactly what was going on with any given invoice.

The solution:

A DIY option that’s actually less work, not more.

Enter Streamlined.

When Absinthia came our way, she was handing invoicing off to her bookkeeper, but all of the admin that went along with tracking orders and payments meant managing everything was still a ton of work — on top of the expense.

When she found us, she was excited about the possibility of bringing together all of the separate parts of invoicing: “The thing that made me want to try Streamlined is the way Shopify, Streamlined and QuickBooks all spoke to each other. The way they linked together to help the invoicing process, and help customers pay.”

Getting set up in Streamlined was easy. She imported her customers from QuickBooks and was ready to go.

The outcome:

Streamlined invoicing that’s saving Absinthia over $1000 a month.

Absinthia was able to transform her invoicing from a sprawling, expensive mess into something clear, simple and intuitive — and because she’s no longer handing it off to her bookkeeper, she’s been able to cut her bill by $1000+ a month.

Now she can have an order come through, pop it into Shopify, and have Streamlined take care of the rest.

“I love how Streamlined combines Shopify, invoicing, and QuickBooks. All I have to do is put the order into Shopify, and my 3PL gets it and fulfills it. It automates to Streamlined. I go into Streamlined and send it, and I know I can trust that it’s going into QuickBooks. I’ve reduced my bookkeeper’s monthly bill by over a thousand dollars. It’s huge.” 

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Streamlined has really simplified my invoicing process, so that as a very busy founder of my company, I can manage my orders and invoices myself. It’s made it really easy to keep track of the orders and the tracking information — when they’ve shipped out, when the customers received it, sending invoices and tracking when they’re paid, and sending reminders. It also gives my customers a number of options for how they can pay. And I just feel so much more organized with my 3PL company.

Absinthia Vermut

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