B2B Checkout and Payments

B2B Checkout and Payments

Give your customers all the flexibility they need for business payments — while you get paid faster than ever.

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Say hello to fast, flexible, and friction-free B2B payments

We've built a B2B checkout that makes it so easy for your customers to pay you, they look forward to getting the invoice.

Give your B2B customers more ways to pay

Streamlined gives your business customers more flexible payment methods, including ACH, credit , debit, wire transfer, and paper check — while you get paid faster, even when they pay offline.

A seamless sync with your ERP

Every payment is automatically reconciled, applied, and synced with your ERP in real-time, so you can say goodbye to dual data entry and reconciliation mistakes.

Higher limits with lower risk

Streamlined was built from the ground up for modern business, so you can run larger transactions, without worrying about them getting lost or going the wrong way.

Localized payments for global customers

It doesn't matter where your customers are based, they'll always get an easy-to-pay invoice that shows the right details for their location.

Streamline your B2B payments

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August uses Streamlined to scale wholesale without the stress

"Streamlined just works. The team is amazing, and I appreciate how the platform is dynamic enough to deal with a wide variety of customers. We love Streamlined."

Erin B. / VP of Business Development, August
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Have questions? We have answers.

What makes Streamlined different from other payment processors?

Streamlined goes beyond typical payment processing by offering a comprehensive B2B payment solution that includes automated reconciliation, invoice management, and support for multiple payment methods.

What payment options do my buyers get?

Your B2B buyers can enjoy a range of convenient payment options with Streamlined. From credit card payments, ACH transfers, paper checks to wire transfers and more, we provide a seamless and flexible payment experience to cater to diverse preferences.

Will more payment methods make reconciliation harder?

No, Streamlined's intelligent reconciliation system streamlines the matching of payments across diverse channels, simplifying the reconciliation process even when multiple payment methods are used.

How are paper checks processed with Streamlined?

Streamlined collaborates with bank partners to establish lockbox processing. When you receive checks, they are securely handled in these designated facilities and managed by the bank partner. The funds are deposited into your bank account, and a digital image of the check is stored within Streamlined for your records.

How does Streamlined integrate with my ERP?

Streamlined offers effortless out-of-the-box integrations with leading ERPs such as NetSuite. This ensures direct synchronization of financial data, invoices, and payment details for a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Can I pass convenience fees to my customers when they pay by card?

Certainly, with Streamlined, you have the option to transfer convenience fees to your customers for card payments, allowing you to effectively manage and save on transaction costs.

Is a virtual address or lockbox service offered by Streamlined?

Absolutely, when you join Streamlined, you'll have access to our hassle-free virtual address service at no additional charge. This service ensures a secure and seamless process for receiving paper checks, enhancing your payment processing experience.

Is there a delay when receiving payments through Streamlined?

No, Streamlined's automated processes ensure prompt payment processing, leveraging same-day ACH to eliminate delays and accelerate your cash flow.

Do I need to maintain a risk reserve with Streamlined?

No, unlike other payment processors and banks, Streamlined does not require risk reserves thanks to its integrated risk handling and security measures.

How the world's fastest-growing brands get paid for B2B sales

Better B2B payments are just the start

With Streamlined, we've redesigned every step of B2B invoicing and AR to work better for modern businesses.

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