July 21, 2022

Summer Product Update

Introducing Streamlined Onboarding

We know that onboarding wholesale buyers can be a chore. We've frequently heard how gathering information about buyers and creating profiles across systems takes time and far more emails than one might expect.

We’ve listened to this feedback and we’re thrilled to announce Streamlined Onboarding – The easiest way to turn prospective buyers into customers with one easy link.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Share your onboarding link or embed it on your website.
  2. Review completed applications on Streamlined.
  3. See your new customers appear in Shopify and Quickbooks. It’s just that simple.

Give it a try! Visit the Customer page and click the + to "Add Customer". You can now share your team's personalized onboarding link using the "Invite customer" button.

Other noteworthy updates

Physical address - Now optional

You can now choose to create or update a customer’s address without having to enter a physical address. This easy toggle will render an address block with just an email or phone number on the invoice.

Smarter memos

Applying a credit from a previous invoice? Streamlined now automatically appends a note to the invoice memo so your customers know why and from where the credit originated. The adjusted balance will appear on the memo as well.

Improved mobile UX

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re making changes to Streamlined so that it functions smoothly on mobile devices. We’ve released a handful of updates this month that will address issues with navigation and usability. Additional updates for lists and tables should be visible in the coming weeks.

Help has a new home

Did you find the help bubble annoying? It's now located in a more convenient spot on the main menu bar. Just remember, we’re always here to help anytime you need us.

Major update from Shopify

In case you missed it, Shopify's Summer product update is all about making B2B commerce a part of Shopify's core offering. Read our CEO's take on the recent announcement and what that means for your business in the Streamlined blog.

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