September 2, 2021

Streamlined Is Officially On the Shopify App Store!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve officially launched our Shopify app on the app store to make integration with the Streamlined platform easier than ever before.

Put simply, we believe Shopify will be the ultimate operating system for emerging brands. 

In tandem, we want to extend Shopify’s capabilities for the wholesale market by making it fast and painless for brands to place orders, send reminders, and streamline end-to-end invoicing.

We help brands expand into omnichannel without the headaches. 

Streamlined helps emerging brands streamline their invoicing, making it blazing fast and easy to manage. By leveraging our platform, customers can quickly customize billing preferences, automatically track receivables, and reconcile every order with an invoice. 

With our custom reconciliation systems, invoicing has never been easier.

Three steps to put your invoicing on autopilot forever. It’s that simple.

First, create orders in Shopify. After a Shopify order is created, we automatically sync with your store and take care of the rest. Next, Streamlined sends invoices. We handle invoicing directly, enabling you to customize billing options for vendors based on their preferences. 

Finally, we update Shopify. There’s no need to worry about matching orders with invoices using Streamlined, since we run end-to-end reconciliation without any hidden fees.

Don’t just take our word for it. Meet the brands we work with every day.

For example, meet 50Hertz.

As they expanded into wholesale, B2B reconciliation desperately needed improvement. Our team worked closely with the founders at 50Hertz to streamline invoicing, directly integrating with the brand’s Shopify to identify and codify incoming orders.

In tandem with our work in the trenches supporting brands to automate and accelerate invoicing workflows, we’re taking steps towards an even more impactful long-term commerce vision.

We’re building the best-in-class financial OS for emerging brands, full stop.

To learn more about our platform, head over to the Shopify app store.

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Time is money. Save both.

With smarter invoicing and AR that saves you hours by creating and reconciling your invoices for you.

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