September 13, 2022

September Product Update

Noteworthy updates

Recurring invoices

We've heard how invoicing itself can be a chore. Especially when it's the same invoice, being sent every month, quarter, or year. Now, you can create and send invoices in a continuous series. Simply select Recurring as the type, set up your preferred schedule, and watch them go. Invoices can be issued yearly, monthly, or even bi-weekly.

Product auto-fill

For those of you building invoices in Streamlined, it's now even easier. Streamlined auto-fills your line items, saving you from carpal tunnel. Just enter the first letter to see a list of suggestions. It's just that simple!

Overdue banners

Streamlined watches your receivables like a hawk. If a customer exceeds a suitable threshold, you will see a warning prior to sending a new invoice out the door.

Deep links

It's easier than ever to collaborate with your colleagues using deep links to sections. Simply hover over a section on a page, and you'll see a copy link button appear. When you share the link with a colleague, they will be transported to that page and the exact section.

Streamlined tips

Did you know you can automatically include shipping & tracking details on your invoices?

If you create orders in Shopify, Streamlined will import shipping & tracking details too. The details will appear beneath the line items. To enable/disable this feature visit the Shipping & Tracking section in Settings.

Content spotlight

Our latest blog post is something a little different: It's a personal account from a receivables specialist who used Streamlined to transform their company's wholesale invoicing. They provide a relatable perspective on the importance of finding the right system that supports a fast growing business.

You can help growing brands by sharing this post and other helpful articles from the Streamlined blog.

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