October 31, 2022

October Product Update

Noteworthy updates

Exclude orders by tag

Vampires can’t enter your home unless they’re invited in. The same rule applies to your wholesale orders. You can now use Shopify tags to keep certain orders out of Streamlined. Set the exclusive tag rules for your account today. Give it a try.

Checkout simplified

We've heard that customers are confused by the terms ACH and eCheck, so we've consolidated these options into one Bank Transfer option in the checkout widget. Now, your customer can enter their bank details or select the "I'll initiate a transfer instead" link.

Improved address list

We know that your customers have a lot of addresses, and finding the right one can be hard. So we revamped the customer address book, making sure to include a search bar so you don’t have to squint so hard anymore.

Smarter invoice finder

If you've ever had to 'fix' a payment and manually match it to an invoice in Streamlined, you know what it feels like when death stares you in the face. We decided to put some sweat and blood into fixing this nightmare for you.

Bounced invoice notifications

If you send an invoice to the wrong email address and it doesn't deliver, does it make a sound? Well now it does, because Streamlined can tell you that the email bounced and let you update the email. Streamlined will resend the invoice once the email has been updated.

Duplicate invoices

Hate having to create invoices? Feast your eyes on this. We’ve conjured a shortcut to create an exact copy of an order. It’s even faster than copying & pasting! See it to believe it.

Streamlined tips

Do you know the simple way to find the exact match for your search?

Here’s a “magic” trick when looking for a specific invoice or customer. On the Invoice page wrap quotation marks like a cozy blanket around your term in the search bar. And presto - you’re now a certified magician. Abracadabra.

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