May 27, 2022

May Product Update

This month, we decided to focus on a recurring theme across our growing list of customers – the need for more flexibility and customization. We're pleased to announce several enhancements to the product that give you even more options when invoicing.

Advanced Order Preferences

Add important attributes to your invoice such as shipping details and UPCs. Change the display for discount prices or add a note to every invoice you send.

Invoice Links

We've added the option to Issue & get link to give you control over how your customers receive their invoices. You can easily share, print, download, or email the invoice to your customer. It's just that simple.

Advanced Reminder Settings

Not every customer needs a reminder. You can now tag specific customers to exclude them from receiving automated email reminders. To enable this feature head over to Settings > Reminders.

Card Fee Exclusions

Use customer tags to exclude specific customers from credit card fees without disabling the setting. There's also an option to set the exemption for invoices below a specified amount.

Invoice Filters

You can now filter your invoices by aging balance. Head over to your Sent Invoices and select Filter. We've also added new links from the aging balance display on the dashboard to help you filter through your unpaid invoices.

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