September 30, 2021

Introducing Flex Invoicing by Streamlined

Every DTC brand wants to rapidly expand into omnichannel without any headaches. 

When we first started Streamlined, our team understood that the complexities involved in omnichannel expansion were massive pain points for brands using Shopify. Naturally, we designed our core solution at Streamlined with Shopify merchants in mind. 

Just last month, we announced our launch on the Shopify app store. However, we’ve quickly learned that omnichannel invoicing, payments, and reconciliation were critical issues for all merchants across all platforms, not just those using Shopify to sell to customers.

Expanding Beyond Shopify

Today, we’re proud to unveil Flex Invoicing: a platform-agnostic command center through which your team can seamlessly run omnichannel growth operations without additional overhead.

Flex Invoicing was a direct output of collective feedback from merchants across all verticals and growth phases. We work with a broad array of brand owners, spanning every consumer industry and nearly every possible permutation of sales volume and omnichannel footprint.

Most brand owners we chat with think it’s part of their job description to deal with the admin mess of invoicing, payments, and their adjacent complexities. Alternatively, founders think their accountants will deal with the issue, but at the end of the month they’ve racked up insanely high bills with their accounting firms, which only grow and compound month over month. 

We kept hearing the same feedback from every merchant: our platform solved these complex pain points across invoicing, payments, and reconciliation, in turn reducing the need to rely on siloed and antiquated tools for each of these three components. However, the existing Streamlined platform only worked for brands using Shopify, and not every merchant sells through it.

With Flex Invoicing, we’re taking what we built for Shopify brands and extending access to the solution to all merchants, regardless of what platform they use to operate their stores.

Flex Invoicing: How it Works

The key difference? Now, merchants don’t have to link their Shopify. Period.

Instead, any brand on any platform can create invoices using Streamlined with full access to our custom payment systems and end-to-end reconciliation workflows. 

For example, if you’re fulfilling a wholesale order or a one-off corporate gift with a hefty invoice and don’t operate on Shopify, now you can send vendors a secure link to the invoice and they can pay directly in the way they want to pay. Once they pay, you can ship the product. 

With the introduction of Flex Invoicing, the Streamlined platform has never been faster, cleaner, and easier to scale. Additionally, as it relates to pricing structure, we don’t charge for invoicing and payments separately, instead offering a one-off fee. 

Most alternatives on the market charge for invoicing with additional costs for payment processing layered over that price structure. From our vantage point, this structure is the antithesis of transparency. With the launch of Flex Invoicing, we’re here to change that.

Aligning Around a Vision

Once we discovered the pain point that Flex Invoicing solves for merchants not using Shopify, we got to work. We synced on the core problem merchants faced and developed OKRs for our internal product team to execute against. 

We also drew inspiration from the shortcomings of existing tools on that market. In isolation, they solve invoicing, payments, or reconciliation, but existing options fail to provide cohesive solutions for all of these issues in tandem.

At Streamlined, our vision is building the best-in-class AR platform that specifically solves for these shortcomings collectively.

Get started with Flex Invoicing today and gain back your omnichannel independence.

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