November 23, 2023

How to send split invoices for wholesale and B2B sales

Picture this: You’ve got a customer on the verge of placing a HUGE order. But they’re asking for a payment plan to make sure they’ve got the cash flow they need to make it work.

Or you’re working with someone new, and you want to take a deposit before you get started on their order — the balance will be paid when it’s ready to ship.

Or maybe you’re working on a series of deliverables, and you want to get paid as you hit each milestone.

What do you do?

You make it work.

But it means a LOT of extra admin.

Creating, sending and following up on multiple invoices for one order. Or sending one invoice, with the payment schedule hiding in the memo field. All of it tracked (or forgotten about) in an increasingly complex spreadsheet somewhere.

Not anymore.

Introducing Split Invoicing from Streamlined

Now you can send a single invoice that covers multiple payments, no matter what kind of payment arrangement you need to set up.

Need a deposit? Done. Monthly payment plan? Yep. Paid by project milestones? You got it.

How it works

1. Streamlined generates your invoice

Streamlined syncs with your Shopify or ERP to generate invoices from your orders, or you can forward a PO by email. (You can also always create an invoice manually, if you need to.)

2. Split the invoice

You can then customize your invoice’s payment setup to fit what you and your customers need.

You can set payments by date, or add the different amounts and issue them when it makes sense. You’ll also be able to set net terms for each payment — so if you need the deposit now but the balance is net 30, you can do that.

3. Watch the money come in

Streamlined sends your customers an invoice that clearly shows them their order and each related payment.

We’ll also send reminders when it’s time for each payment — and your customers can even save a card or account on file with QuickPay, for completely automated payments.

4. Streamlined reconciles each payment

Every payment is automatically processed, matched, and reconciled for you — then synced with your accounting software.

5. Get a clear view of your accounts

You’ll be able to see every order and payment in your Streamlined dashboard — including an aging balance report that accounts for all your split payments and dates.

B2B sales can be complex — and that’s not going to change. But with Streamlined, getting paid is simple.‍

Split invoicing is available on Streamlined Scale and Enterprise plans. Talk to us about getting set up.

Time is money. Save both.

With smarter invoicing and AR that saves you hours by creating and reconciling your invoices for you.

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