December 7, 2022

December Product Update

Noteworthy updates

Say hello to Edit Invoice

You’ve been asking, so here it is: a way to edit your invoices, even after they’ve been sent. For now you’ll be able to edit the billing email, invoice due date, and notes. With more to come!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select an invoice, and click on the “Edit Invoice” ✎ in the right corner
  2. Update the email, due date or note fields and hit Save
  3. See a record of your changes in the Activities tracker

Your customers will also be able see the updates and a full history right from their invoices.  

That’s it! Want to give it a go? Visit Invoices > Sent and select an invoice to get started.  

Transaction details are getting clearer

We’ve updated the transaction details panel, so you can see any relevant details right there, from fees and net payments to payment dates. You’ll also be able to see who recorded each transaction. Check out a detailed look at your business transactions.

We’ve made customer onboarding easier

We’ve heard from a few of you that having so many required fields makes our new customer forms feel like a barrier to easy onboarding. So some of the fields that were mandatory are now optional: business category, sub-category, type of business, website, and years in business.

We’ve also added more inclusive business categories, so your customers will have an easier time figuring out where they fit. Share the unique link from your general settings to get new customers signed up in a flash.

Streamlined tips

Did you know you can update a Shopify customer profile directly from Streamlined?

Visit the Actions menu in a customer’s profile to redirect to Shopify. It’s a seamless way to make changes across both platforms. All changes will sync over for the next invoice. Let us show you exactly how to do it in this quick loom (it’s 23 seconds).

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