February 1, 2023

Auto billing with Streamlined QuickPay

Get paid on time, every time

Most of the time, late payments aren’t malicious — or even intentional.

Nope, it all comes down to a missed email here. A too-long to-do list there. Nothing personal.

But it’s still a hassle getting to the bottom of it — for you and for your (sometimes scattered, usually embarrassed) customers.

So we’ve fixed it. ✨

As of now, your customers can save a payment method to their profile, so you can automatically bill them as soon as their invoice is due.

Just like that.

They can always choose to pay another way before that, but you’ll have a backup in case something gets missed.

They stay on top of their books. You get paid on time. Everyone does a little happy dance. (Or more likely, you don’t even notice, because your system is just humming along so nicely that you don’t even have to think about it.)

Now let’s get you set up.

You can set up existing customers by sending them a link from your Streamlined account. It’s in your customer details tab under Billing Preferences > Set Up QuickPay. They can also do it themselves any time, right from their Statement of Account.

New customers can add a payment method as part of their onboarding. Ta-da!

Good to know: for now customers can save a credit card on file, with the option to link a bank account coming soon!

Give it a try: set up QuickPay

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