August 1, 2022

An AR specialist’s perspective: How Streamlined transformed my company's wholesale invoicing

Streamlined has made my work easier, and my team more successful! 

As an administrator without a finance degree, I had worked in Quickbooks for 10 years before my company found Streamlined. 

If you’ve dealt with invoicing in Quickbooks, you know it can be a pain! 

I became even more aware of more of its limitations as our company grew at a breakneck pace during the pandemic. Our team didn’t have time to repeat the same rote tasks over and over. Not to mention the frequent system crashes, the lack of human customer support, and no effort to add features that matter to e-commerce like Shopify integration and invoice customization.

I still remember when my team switched over to Streamlined: suddenly I got to work in an incredibly user-friendly app. With one click I could find what I needed. It looked and felt like something I’d download to my phone, not a holdover from the 1990s.

Streamlined lets you customize your invoices for a modern look, and shows you invoice information intuitively in one place.

And Streamlined came with the nicest customer support team I could ask for! The team has always been swift, supportive, and clear. They’ve helped us discover new ways of automating as well: Tired of writing manual notes to record how each payment has been credited? Voila! Streamlined will produce automated notes letting us know how the credits were applied.

Our company leaders agree that using Streamlined’s features have improved our Accounts Receivable process, and appreciate that it takes a fraction of the time.

In the words of our co-founder:

“True to its name, Streamlined has sped up and simplified our invoicing process. They've intuitively redesigned the process and automated big chunks of it, which cuts the time it takes us to get paid and to manage how we invoice and collect.” 

How Streamlined saves us time: 

Automation of our Accounts Receivable processes through Streamlined has reduced the time it takes to a fraction of what it was before. Here's how...

Seamless Integration with Shopify Ordering

A full integration into our Shopify ordering system means that invoices are seamlessly generated from our orders. (And if we need to make a change, Streamlined allows us to edit and update invoices before we send them.)

Streamlined syncs seamlessly to Shopify and to Quickbooks to provide full integration with our merchants' most important operational systems.

Passing Credit Card Fees onto Customers  

Being able to take payment by credit card is important to us and our customers. But we never wanted to have to “eat the fee.” With Streamlined we are able to take cards and pass the fees onto customers with no hassle for us or the customer.

If you're going into wholesale, being able to take checks and ACH can make all the difference. Streamlined lets you do both without ever touching a paper check or doing manual reconciliation.

Depositing Our Paper Checks for Us - Sometimes Faster than ACH

Streamlined gives our customers the choice of paying a credit card fee, or linking a bank account for no fee. But we work in an industry where a lot of our customers still pay by paper check. Before we’d have to receive the checks ourselves, deposit them, and apply each one to the right invoice. 

Now we don’t have to touch a button. Our customers mail their checks to a dedicated remittance address managed by Streamlined. From there, Streamlined uploads the checks, deposits them to our bank, and applies the amounts directly to the invoices, without us having to touch anything

Automatically Reconciling ACH Payments to the Right Order

ACH payments direct from clients’ checking accounts are also fee-free to our customers. And through unique account numbers assigned to each customer, reconciliation is easy and automated. Payments are applied to each invoice in a transparent way that allows us to identify over and underpayments with ease and apply credits or debits to future invoices.

Reports we need & want

Streamlined gives us aging and overdue invoice reports which are easy to download and use. The time we save on pulling these reports can go to reminding our customers that it’s time to pay. And Streamlined’s team has listened and learned from us, working to customize new reports to meet our needs.

Streamlined gives merchants important visibility into aging balances, and which customers to focus on.

Scaling with Streamlined

My company and I are early adopters of Streamlined. It has sped up and simplified our invoicing process. And it’s so well customized and easy to understand that I don’t need a ton of staff or a finance degree to operate it.

Streamlined listens to companies like ours and has created the best invoicing solution for e-commerce brands out there.

The author works on the finance team of a fast growing e-commerce brand in the food and beverage space.

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