March 2, 2022

Announcing our new name: Streamlined

After operating as Merchant Candy for a little over 18 months, I'm delighted to announce that Merchant Candy is now Streamlined.

Back in 2020, we embarked on a bold quest to transform B2B payments for the modern era. To get started, we met with businesses that were quickly expanding into wholesale and offered to deal with the paper checks and unintelligible ACHs. Realizing just how unpleasant the payment experience was, we decided to focus on making invoice payments even sweeter.

The name Merchant Candy drew us to be creative in our approach and delightful in our experience. It pushed us to think of ways in which we could help our customers thrive, and it inspired us to focus on two particularly acute problems in B2B payments - 1) Accepting any form of payment from a Payor, even if it's a paper check. 2) Matching those payments back to the invoices, so our customers didn't have to.

Over the last few months, we've made incredible strides in both these areas. We've built a payment processor from the ground up to offer an unrivaled payment experience for both parties in a B2B transaction. Today, Payors have the ultimate flexibility to pay using a payment method that works for them, while payees always get paid faster electronically. We process tens of thousands of payments on behalf of our customers and automatically reconcile those payments back to invoices - saving team on average 20 hours/week.

We’ve grown tremendously thanks to the trust placed in us by our early merchant partners. Not only that, but we’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come in such as short time span, but we also recognize that we have so much more to do to power the $25 trillion B2B payment industry.

Updating our name to Streamlined better aligns us as a company with our prime objective, using only a single word. We aim to help fast-growing businesses streamline invoicing and payments, so they can focus on growth.

Naming aside, our product, vision and commitment to the future and the transformation of B2B payments remain the same today as it was when we started, only with a new name serving as a north star.

If you'd like to learn more about Streamlined and how it could help you, feel free to grab a demo.

Back to work!
Boris & Team Streamlined

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