How Burlap & Barrel Fully Automated Their Invoicing Across 3 Revenue Channels in 30 Days

May 31, 2022


Burlap & Barrel sources unique, single-origin spices for professional chefs and home cooks by partnering directly with small farmers and cooperatives across the globe. The New York-based brand launched in 2016 with a mission to create equitable supply chains in the spice trade.


Ori Zohar & Ethan Frisch


Food and Beverage

The Problem

Burlap & Barrel generates revenue through four primary channels: DTC, bulk, food service/restaurants, and grocery. The latter three channels, spanning wholesale and retail, represent a large percentage of the company’s total revenue, but an even larger part of their accounting and finance time each month. 

These three channels all require manual invoicing, often paid using paper checks. Before switching to Streamlined, the brand tested out a range of digital payment software like Quickbooks and However, these solutions yielded endless headaches, requiring constant attention and the support of hacked-together Zapier flows. 

More importantly, they lacked cross-tool internal communication and a critical Shopify store integration to make invoicing a seamless extension of their online store. Because the team was spending an increasing amount of time and cash flow on invoicing demands, it quickly became apparent that an automated solution was needed.

The Solution

The Streamlined team worked closely with Burlap & Barrel to integrate with its Shopify and simplify cross-tool communications between invoice creation and payments. Through this direct integration, the brand’s data was now always in sync and its invoices were always up to date.

Burlap & Barrel took a staged transition approach - continuing to close any existing invoices in Quickbooks, while any new invoices were created and handled by Streamlined. Streamlined also enabled lock box services, which meant that paper checks were no longer the responsibility of the Burlap & Barrel team.

By automating invoicing and accounts receivable across wholesale and retail, Burlap & Barrel was able to more easily accept payments without the additional back-office headache, while also offering a simplified and intuitive experience for its customers to send bills. 

The Results

Streamlining Burlap & Barrel’s invoicing process yielded faster invoice payments, decreased overhead management, and completely removed bill payment cost centers. On top of that, the brand saved money through lower payment processing fees.

By switching to Streamlined, the team recouped valuable time previously spent managing its accounts receivable workflow, allowing the team to focus on doing what they do best: growing their business.